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Mean Girls channels Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game as culture Develop into a ouroboros of remakes

Mean girls is a cult comedy film based on Rosalind Wiseman’s book queen bees and wannabes. This time, it’s adapting the musical, which, again, is already based on an existing movie.

Street Fighter’s original game series was adapted into a movie. The game was a re-skinned Super Street Fighter II Turbo. It was a badly executed copy of the original game.

The original film, the musical, was written by Tina Fey and will write the new movie-musical. It will be her latest attempt to finally make’fetch’ happen.

The producers followed the same path of original film to stage musical. Other musicals like Monty Python’s spamalot are also in the works.

Mean girls (the 2004 film) is already a genuine (and relatively recent) cultural success. It’s a popular movie in its own right, unlike say, hairspray, which only rose to real prominence through the stage show.

Mean girls failed to rank on Tumblr’s top 15 most-discussed shows in 2019. It’s not one of Broadway’s biggest earners.

Street Fighter could n’t distill a film back down into a new video game. Live stage musicals work better as games.

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