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Mercedes-Benz unveils an Avatar-themed concept car with scales

The Mercedes-Benz vision AVTR concept car was unveiled on stage by James Cameron. The car is a mix of everything that the consumer electronics show is known for.

The entire rear end of the AVTR is covered in 33’Bionic flaps’. Mercedes-Benz says the wheels were inspired by the’tree of souls’ from 2009’s avatar.

The vision AVTR is meant to tease out what it will be like to ride in a car of the future. Mercedes-Benz has a lot of ideas about what might be possible inside the car.

Passengers interact with the control via an oval-shaped controller. Once your hand is on the controller, it can vibrate along with the pace of your breathing and heart rate. Ola kallenius, the chairman of Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler, said it’s an example of how man and machine might’merge’.

Mercedes-Benz likens this to how the na’vi physically connect with their banshees in the 2009 film avatar.

Mercedes-Benz imagines that the AVTR car will be able to detect when a family is on board and adapt automatically. Back-Seat riders will have access to learning-oriented gaming and a’child-friendly augmented reality experience’.

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