The IRS is done letting TurboTax easily steer you away from Enter taxes for free

Intuit, the company behind TurboTax, was misleading users into paying to file their taxes. This made it harder for users to find the free versions online. Now, the IRS is taking steps against this.

The IRS released an addendum to its free file program on Monday. It now prohibits companies from hiding the pages that allow you to file for free. They’ve also eliminated a restriction against the IRS making its own filing software.

In the United States, Intuit has spent millions lobbying against simple systems which would eliminate the need for their services. The IRS’s free file was initially created, with the IRS agreeing to leave it up to those companies.

The free file program originally said that filing software had to allow lower- and middle-income taxpayers to be able to file for free. In return, the IRS agreed to not make its own free filing software.

A new report found that TurboTax’s main page did n’t even link to the page that lets you file for free. The IRS is n’t addressing those sorts of tricks with its new restrictions.

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