Twitch has for the first time licensed its design for a specialized computer chip for applications outside of its existing gaming viewership and streaming services.

Twitch’s announcement says the new design, called EPIC, is being used by the Las Vegas-based esports-focused studio global esports company Space is cool. It calls the new hardware the world’s first high-performance graphics processor chip (GPU) for applications outside of esports.

EPIC runs on a single chip and supports applications in gaming and virtual reality, enabling the first custom high-performance graphics processors for applications other than eSport and esports. These applications include rendering for 3D models; running several graphics processing units (GPUs) simultaneously; distributing loads and resources across large number of graphics cards to rapidly provision compute performance; and quickly converting textures and other data.

“We are proud to be the first company to license our hardware architecture to take that high-performance to new market segments,” said Chris Moore, senior vice president of corporate strategy and business development for Twitch. “By using our hardware specifically for non-gaming applications, Space is able to build a new hardware platform with a much higher level of AI-enhanced performance than is currently available.”

Space collaborated with NVIDIA engineers on the design and manufacturing of the EPIC product. Space, which also includes Nintendo Switch and virtual reality studio Final Fantasy VII, says EPIC can be implemented in today’s workflows.

“With almost 150 million subscribers watching video on Twitch each month, and the production of tens of millions of hours of original content on Twitch, it is abundantly clear that consumers have decided that Twitch provides the best technology platform to consume high-quality video and view it on demand,” said Chief Product Officer behind Space, Tommy Harris. “The EPIC high-performance GPU provides the most high-quality gaming performance and is optimized for VR.”

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