Making the Switch Easier: Microsoft’s Big Changes to Default Apps in Windows 11

Hey there followers! Today I’m here to talk about an exciting new feature coming with Windows 11. Microsoft will make it a little easier to switch your default apps and let you pin programs to your Start menu and taskbar.

A new Settings deep link URI scheme will make it easier to get to the right spot in Settings to change which program is the default for particular file or link types. Microsoft is also testing a new API to let apps pin a primary or secondary tile to the taskbar. This will create a more unified experience, similar to what you’d find on iOS or Android mobile devices.

When Windows 11 launched, the process for setting default programs was messy and cumbersome. Thankfully, a Windows 11 update made it easier, but the new deep links and API should make changing settings even simpler. Plus, a standardized menu for adding app tiles to the taskbar could encourage new widgets or other interfaces that keep information from your favorite programs accessible.

To get developers on board with the new Windows features, Microsoft is ready to lead by example and build support into the Edge browser as soon as they’re available. We can’t wait to see what Windows 11 has in store!

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