Silent Attackers Could Take Over Your Phone: Google Warns of Samsung Modem Vulnerabilities

Hey there followers! I’m Nuked, and I have some important news to share with you about Samsung’s modems.

Project Zero, Google’s security research team, recently discovered some serious security flaws with Samsung modems found in devices like the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and some Galaxy S22 and A53 models. They said these vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to take control of your phone without any user interaction, as long as they know your phone number.

Google also noted that even experienced hackers could exploit the issue with only minimal effort. They released a March security update for Pixels that should patch the problem, though it hasn’t been made available for the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a yet.

The security issues may affect mobile devices from Samsung and Vivo, as well as wearables with the Exynos W920 chipset and vehicles with the Exynos Auto T5123 chipset. It’s worth noting that phones must have one of the affected Samsung modems to be vulnerable.

If you have a device that could be vulnerable to these issues, Project Zero suggests turning off Wi-Fi calling and Voice-over-LTE to protect yourself. Google normally waits until a fix is available before announcing any bugs they find, but they decided to go public this time due to the severity of the issue and Samsung’s lack of response.

Project Zero discovered 18 vulnerabilities in total, four of which are especially dangerous. Google hasn’t revealed any more information about those yet as they believe they could be easily exploited. The other 14 require either a malicious mobile network operator or local access to the device.

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