Unleash the Power of The One Ring: Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings Collection

Hey everyone, Nuked here! I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Magic: The Gathering Lord of the Rings-themed collection that’s coming out soon. I’m here to tell you that it’s totally awesome and really worth checking out!

The cards feature some of your favorite characters like Frodo and Sam, Aragorn and Arwen, and even Tom Bombadil. Each card has great art and abilities that are tailored to their subjects. For example, Samwise the Stouthearted can be played at any time to bring back a dead creature, just like in the story when he saves Frodo from Shelob’s clutches.

Wizards is also releasing three special versions of the famous Sol Ring card, each with a different number of printings. The elven Sol Ring will get 3,000 printings, the dwarven one will get 7,000 printings, and the human one will get 9,000 printings. This is a reference to the One Ring from the story, and it’s really cool.

The most exciting part is that Wizards is releasing a single, 1 of 1 special version of The One Ring card with extended art and text rendered in the Black Speech of Sauron. This card could potentially be worth more than the Black Lotus, which is the most expensive Magic card ever printed. You can only get this special version from collector packs, not from draft or set booster packs.

The set launches mid-June and will be legal in Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and Commander formats. It will also be available in Magic The Gathering: Arena. I’m super excited for this set and I hope you are too!

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