Charge Up and Go: Waze Adds Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Route Planning Tool

Hey everyone! Nuked here, ready to share some exciting news about Waze and electric vehicle charging.

Starting today, Waze users can input their vehicle information into the app, as well as their preferred plug type, and Waze will find the nearest stations along their route. This feature is rolling out to users globally in the “coming weeks” and is here to stay – permanently!

Waze is always striving to make the experience for plug seekers more efficient. With its crowdsourced map editing function, EV data is reviewed and updated in real-time so that the most accurate information is provided. That way, you can be sure you won’t be navigating to a charging station only to discover you can’t find it or use it.

Google Maps has also been making changes to make the experience of finding a working EV charger better. They’ve included information about plug types and whether they are currently in use, as well as upgraded EV charging searches for electric vehicles with Google built-in software.

With all these updates, Waze may soon be the go-to navigation tool for EV owners. It’s great to see the effort being put into making EV charging easier!

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