Elon Musk Cleared of Fraud: Friday’s Top Tech News Roundup

Hey everyone! I’m Nuked and I’m here to bring you the Friday’s top tech news.

To close out Friday’s news, a ruling arrived with unexpected speed in a securities fraud trial accusing Elon Musk of fraud based on his 2018 tweets that he was thinking about taking Tesla private.The jury deliberated for less than two hours before finding Musk is not liable for losses incurred by investors based on the tweet, avoiding a verdict that could have potentially cost him billions of dollars in damages.

It looks like Google is stepping up its AI efforts as well. With mainstream attention ChatGPT has been getting, and Bing-owner Microsoft’s interest in the technology, it seems to have lit a fire underneath the search giant. Google is holding an event about search and AI next week on February 8th. And CEO Sundar Pichai’s recent comments really make it sound as though Google will soon let people interact with its AI technology in a way that’s very similar to ChatGPT.

Sony’s PSVR2 is coming later this month, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know it hasn’t forgotten about its own Quest headset. During Meta’s earnings call, the CEO said the new headset would support its mixed reality tech when it launches later this year.

Aqara, a smart home company that announced a very interesting presence detection sensor at CES this year, is gearing up to support the new Matter smart home standard. Although this paves the way for its tech to integrate more seamlessly with other smart home devices, there are still some caveats.

Staying up with the most important news of today: Friday, February 3rd, 2023, we saw TikTok’s new transparency center; Pakistan reportedly blocking Wikipedia; a remastered version of Myst coming to iOS; Twitter’s API changes could make it difficult to log in to favorite games; Microsoft being warned by the EU over its Activision Blizzard deal; Bandcamp Friday being back; and Google investing $300 million in AI firm founded by former OpenAI researchers.

To close out the news of today we watched a video of TikTok’s new transparency center from Taylor Lorenz shared on Instagram; Elon Musk was cleared of fraud in ‘funding secured’ trial; Mishaal Rahman polled users on how much storage are phone system files using; PSA that Twitter’s API changes may make it difficult to log in to favorite games; Is this Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing?; The Last of Us Part I on PC delayed by a few weeks; How to stereo pair two Apple HomePods; Developer pleads guilty to hacking his own company after pretending to investigate himself; Breaking a 16-year-old tradition in Dwarf Fortress; Emm aims to upgrade periods with a smart menstrual cup; CHM Polaroids; Meta’s Quest 3 headset will have better mixed reality tech according to Zuckerberg; Aqara’s affordable smart home lineup makes first jump to Matter; Google is holding an event about search and AI on February 8th; It sounds like Google’s getting ready to compete with ChatGPT; and Elon Musk will share Twitter ad revenue but only with creators who pay for Twitter Blue.

That’s all for today’s top tech news! Stay tuned for more updates.

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