There’s a lot going on at Facebook’s F8 conference this week

Mark Zuckerberg announced expanded NFT support on Instagram. The founder and CEO took the opportunity to tell everyone he’s turning his 1992 little league baseball card into an NFT soon.

At age eight, Zuckerberg hit for.920 as a right-handed infielder in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Soon, that information will be backed up with a blockchain entry.

Instagram is already in a state of confusion, rolling back tests of tiktok-like features. Ceo Adam Mosseri told Casey Newton,’people are frustrated and the usage data is n’t great’.

The market of digital collectibles has collapsed sharply since peak in the winter. Sales of’digital collectibles’ have remained flat in the months since peak.

Newton noted that meta, Twitter, and Reddit are all pushing forward NFT projects but do n’t have any data to share on how they’re doing.

Collectingibles will explode in value, but we are n’t there yet. Zuckerberg is trying to build the augmented and virtual reality spaces.

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