It’s been a long time coming

Prime video had become a relic frozen in time, with an ugly, laggy interface that seemed stuck in 2010. Amazon’s streaming competitors have switched up and refined the user experience.

Prime video has added’Super carousels’ of poster-style artwork that expand to landscape and start auto-playing a trailer when you hover over them.

This interface has gradually become the de facto standard across Netflix, Disney plus, HBO Max, and now Prime video. People do n’t seem to mind the similarities.

Click through HBO Max or paramount plus to find the new Lord of the rings series on Prime video. You might find yourself mindlessly looking for the new series.

Hulu introduced a completely overhauled design that was lambasted for prioritizing style over usability. Instead of showing you as much content as possible, it highlighted one or two items at a time with full-screen artwork and oversized, thin-weight fonts.

In the months and years that followed, Hulu dialed back and reversed a lot of the more drastic changes. It eventually settled on something more familiar.

In Prime video’s case, Amazon still lists seasons of TV shows separately. The company is working to stop displaying multiple versions of the same movie based on video quality. Since the beginning of this year, Amazon has resolved the 4K / HD split for more than half of the Prime video catalog.

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