It’s been a long time coming

For nearly two years, you’ve had to be incredibly lucky, skilled, or patient to get an Nvidia or AMD graphics card at MSRP. We liveblogged and livetweeted that hell of trying to buy a GPU online.

I bought an rtx 3070 TI founders edition for its $ 599 MSRP. I bought a $ 599-a-year-old rtx for $ 599. has the Radeon Rx 6750 XT, 6900 XT, and 6950 XT in stock for MSRP. Both of those GPUs were still available when we checked back this morning.

This week is the week the most popular graphics cards finally hit MSRP on the secondhand market. The rtx 3080 is hovering around $ 700, the exact price NVIDIA originally said it would cost $ 700.

Over the past six months, the street price of a modern GPU has been cut in half. Almost every graphics card we track fell by more than 50 percent on eBay since January alone.

The rtx 3060 TI is the only used GPU that ca n’t be had at or under MSRP on average. An average AMD card will cost you $ 100 less than MSRP.

The secondhand market seems to be normalizing prices of NVIDIA and AMD’s more overpriced GPUs. Ebay buyers get an average of $ 318, $ 466, and $ 540 off NVIDIA’s 3080 TI, 3090, and 3090 TI.

I think it’s safe to say: the great GPU shortage is over. It’s possible to say that the great GPUs is over.

The forces that are driving supply and demand to meet are not all in your favor. Should you actually buy a one?. That’s a way tougher question.

The rtx 40 series and AMD’s rdna 3 are both expected this fall and could offer significant performance jumps. In October 2020, $ 500 might have been a great price for an rtx 3070.

I recommend taking a look at a 3dcenter / videocardz chart of how much GPUs should cost, normalized against an rtx 3070. Nvidia and AMD introduced later in the GPU shortage at a higher MSRP than their performance would suggest.

The age of these GPUs might matter even more if you’re considering a used GPU. It might have already been worked for two years and might have even spent time doing hard labor in a cryptocurrency mining rig.

The Chinese miners and South Asian ecafes now dismantling their mining rigs and putting cards up for auction 3060 TI’s going for $ 300 – $ 350 us.

The total market cap of all crypto assets has fallen by two-thirds since its peak of $ 3 trillion last November. Miners are flooding the market with cards that are no longer profitable due to the ongoing crypto crash.

A gamers Nexus video can walk you through potential red flags. There have been reports of damaged GPUs among the flood flood.

Nvidia and AMD board partners and retailers want to make as much money as possible now that they have inventory to clear. I prefer new instead of used?.

Supply chain sources tell Digitimes that Nvidia and AMD may now have too many cards and are trying to order fewer new ones from TSMC because they allegedly overestimated demand.

Nvidia has reportedly pushed back its launches of the rtx 4090, 4080, and 4070 to as late as October, November, and December. It might also be longer before current-gen rdna 2 or rtx 30 series GPUs see a price cut.

Nvidia declined to comment on whether the GPU shortage is over. I’m waiting for comment from AMD, I’m wait for comment.

Best Buy is stocking third-party rtx 3060 TI cards that cost substantially more than the more powerful rtx 3070 I had in my cart. An across the board price drop has n’t yet arrived.

An rtx 3080 can be had for only $ 80 over MSRP. Both the 3080 TI and 3090 TI are under MSRP.

It’s not hard to see room for the rest of the prices to sink. Current-Gen GPUs can be had at MSRP, EVGA’s sales, and the 3dcenter price index.

Prices will likely return to normal levels, says moor insights & strategy analyst Anshel sag.’there’s a lot of pent up demand from actual gamers and consumers that have been holding off for the last two years due to the chip shortage, supply chain disruptions and crypto bubble’.

The latest and greatest will also be a lot harder to get their hands on than what’s already available now.’this is their primary source of entertainment and socialization,’ he says.

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