In this week’s Tech Tent, we take a look at some of the best gamepads on the market

The gamepads are better quality, more versatile, and more customizable than anything from just a few console generations ago. That includes the plethora of third-party options from powera, scuf, nacon, and turtle beach. The days of the cheap,’little sibling’ controller that looked cool but barely worked are over.

Your console of choice is the Xbox series X or Xbox series S. we tested a whole slew of controller to find the best.

The standard Xbox wireless controller came away as our top choice. It’s the best for a reason: versatility, comfort, and more.

Our focus is to guide you through what to buy that’s regularly available right now. Amazon Prime day is coming up on July 12 and 13th.

The best controller for Xbox is the one that comes with the Xbox?. The controller is the distillation of four generations and numerous first-party controllers before it – and it shows.

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