Google says it will start deleting visits to abortion clinics and other sensitive locations from its search results

Google says it’ll start automatically deleting visits to abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters, weight loss clinics, and other potentially sensitive locations. The change is happening in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

You can also turn off Google’s location logging altogether by following its instructions here. Follow Google’s instructions here to follow its instructions.

Fitbit will let you delete multiple menstruation logs at once if you’ve been using the health tracking feature.

Google’s privacy updates are meant to remove select data from its servers. Search and YouTube histories could also be used as evidence in investigations.

Google will notify users when it gives their data to the government, unless it’s been ordered not to do so or there is a pressing security concern. Google says it will’continue to oppose demands that are overly broad or otherwise legally objectionable’.

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