The world’s first mass-produced electric Hummer has run out of fuel, according to reports

Months after General Motors started delivering its first Hummer EVs, the company is reportedly only producing around 12 of the massive electric trucks a day. That’s an abysmally slow pace, even compared to how many other automakers are making.

Recently, GM announced that it was raising the Hummer EV’s price by $ 6,250, citing’higher prices for parts, technology and logistics’.

Around 77,500 people have signed up for GM’s Hummer EV waitlist. If the company kept on producing 12 of the trucks a day it’d take 17 and a half years to get through everyone on the waitlist.

Lg is the same company that has produced and paid for tens of thousands of new battery packs during the Chevy bolt recall. Lg has a reputation for being a total slouch when it comes to supplying batteries.

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