It’s a big day for SpaceX

The Federal Communications Commission granted SpaceX permission to use its starlink satellite Internet system on vehicles in motion. It’s a big win for SpaceX’s starlink system, potentially opening up the service to a more diverse range of use cases and customers.

Spacex requested regulatory approval from the FCC in March of last year to allow earth stations in motion starlink terminals to be used in moving vehicles. Customers must purchase a personal ground-based antenna, or user terminal, that is designed to connect with any orbiting starlink satellites that happen to be overhead.

The FCC has granted SpaceX’s request and Kepler communications. The move paves the way for a new type of user terminals that can connect to broadband-beaming satellites while on the move.

The FCC argues that approving the new capability is in the public’s interest.’we agree with SpaceX and Kepler that the public interest would benefit by granting with conditions their applications,’ the FCC wrote.

Starlink is SpaceX’s ambitious initiative to launch a constellation of thousands of satellites into low- to medium-earth orbit. The company recently boasted that it had 400,000 users.

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