Sweden’s Volvo has become the first company to test a fuel cell semi truck in the US

Fuel cells built by cellcentric, a joint venture between Volvo and Daimler truck Automotive group. Volvo claims its trucks are capable of 1,000 kilometers of range and can be refueled in under 15 minutes.

The company started building battery-electric trucks in 2018, but they still are n’t widely in service in the US. The company president says he expects growth in the supply of clean hydrogen in the next couple of years.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and battery electric vehicles (Bev) are similar in that they are both propelled by an electric motor. Both technologies are emissions-free’at the tailpipe,’ meaning that they do not emit any carbon in motion.

The number of hydrogen fuel stations will increase to just over 100 locations by mid-2023. Currently, there are less than 60 stations operational in the US, and all of them are in California.

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