It’s not every day you see a game that’s been out for a decade and still hasn’t been finished

Star Wars: Knights of the old republic II is currently impossible to finish. On Twitter game developer Aspyr admitted it was aware that fans who buy it ca n’t actually finish it.

Kotor II launched on the Nintendo switch June 8, 2022. A bug made it impossible to get past a cut scene about midway through the game.

Aspyr responded to Aspyr’s Twitter account asking if the company knew the game was busted and was working on a fix.

I was one of the users who reported it before it was a known issue. It was reported before the game was a’known issue’. Here you’re aware that there is no way to complete this game currently?.

The original KotOR II was buggy when it arrived on the Xbox and PC more than 17 years ago. It’s a pretty rookie mistake to ship a port so buggy players ca n’t even finish the game.

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