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Dean obeidallah: I’ve been binge-watching TV shows and movies since the 90s. He says people have to binge for fear of spoilers and wish they could savor a show distributed episodically. obeidallah: binge-watching a show is simpler than ever.

The current binge model does n’t account for shared universes and all the weird watching orders that can be required. Older shows often aired in a different order from which they were produced, leading to weird story inconsistencies.

Netflix, disney+, Peacock and discovery eventually become the top streaming service in the U.S.. Instead of new ways to engage with the shows we want to watch, the streaming services are focused on acquiring new franchises or pumping millions into their established franchises.

There’s little emphasis on keeping people on the platforms for longer than the duration of the shows they wanted to watch. Hbo Max continues to ship one of the buggiest apps around streamers.

There are so many helpful little tweaks that streaming services have refused to use. I do sometimes wonder if any of the people running these platforms actually use them. In both cases, you’ll be watching in air date order as opposed to production order or in-universe chronological order.

Watching something like Netflix: the Vampire Slayer or CW’s the flash is even more difficult. Tv shows often include big crossovers with their sibling shows.

‘it’s counter-intuitive to what makes streaming so great,’ says director of strategy at parrot analytics.’we do n’t allow for this personalization,’ she adds.

This kind of personalization should n’t be a hassle for streaming companies. All it requires is custom playlists-a technology that has been available for a very long time.

‘allowing for more personalized curation goes a long way – and with such little effort,’ said Alexander. Allowing more personalizing curation can help increase productivity.

Fans ca n’t choose to watch Star Trek: the original series in a fan-preferred order instead of the air date order. The order was selected nearly 60 years ago by a bunch of execs who wanted to entice people with alien ladies in bikinis and gods who like to engage in fistfights.

Playlists that let you watch content in the order set in the universe, rather than the order they were filmed. 9-1-1 would benefit a lot from customizable playlists.

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