If you’ve ever had to mute someone during a group call on WhatsApp, you might want to think again

Whatsapp has rolled out several new features this past week. Include the ability to mute people during group calls (via Android Central).

Lets hosts mute all participants – or specific ones – but they do n’t offer a way for individual users to mute what they want during a call. This feature offers a new level of control that’s probably best saved for chaotic meetings.

You can now mute or message specific people on a call. We’ve added a helpful indicator so you can see when more people join large calls.

Whatsapp is also rolling out a new banner that alert you when someone new has joined a call after it already started. The new muting feature will alert you if you want to make a note to someone during a meeting or crack a joke that might not fly with the whole group.

On Friday, WhatsApp announced that you can now choose which contacts can see your profile photo, about, and last seen status that shows when you were last active on the platform. This could help keep your profile private from professional contacts, or anyone who you do n’t want to have access to this information 24 / 7.

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