Facebook has updated its privacy policy

The company formerly known as Facebook has updated its terms of service and updated its privacy policy. The old data policy is now meta’s privacy policy.

The update tweaks the language and adds examples to help people understand what each segment is about. Instead, this update tweaks its language.

The electronic privacy information center’s new policy does n’t share data in new ways. The policy will not share data for better or worse.

Plus examples helps prevent misinterpretation of rules, like Instagram’s terms of service update in 2012, when people thought the service would suddenly start selling everyone’s photos.

Facebook users can understand what they’re agreeing to in a 9,000-word agreement including dozens of nested menus covering different settings and scenarios. davisson called it simply’unrealistic’.

New policy applies to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other meta products. But not WhatsApp, workplace, Messenger kids, or quest devices used without a Facebook account.

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