In this week’s Tech Tent, we take a look at the latest advancements in upscaling

Chipmakers are in the middle of an upscaling revolution. Amd, Intel, and NVIDIA are all out to prove that algorithms can trump native rendering performance.

Amd’s new fidelityfx Super resolution 2.0 is coming for the first time today in an update for deathloop. The new game patch also includes some key accessibility options.

Fsr 2.0’s performance in almost every type of shootout you’d want – including NVIDIA’s dlss, the original FSR 1.0, and native rendering each at 4K, 1440p and 1080p resolutions.

Both journalists seem convinced that FSR 2.0 really does look better than native 4K in terms of detail. But it clearly looks way way way better than AMD’s FSR 1.0.

Deathloop can run at 1440p with the highest settings, including raytracing, at over 60fps. But it does n’t require an AMD graphics card.

In a blog post, AMD says 12 other games will add FSR 2.0’in the coming months’. The blog post was written by AMD.

If a game is n’t using Unreal engine or thermal anti-aliasing, it might be four or more weeks of development work. Amd said it’s a pretty easy tech to adapt to games.

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