Apple is reportedly trying to stop its own employees from joining a union

Vice report says Apple has sent around a document full of talking points. The document also encourages store leaders to’touch base’ with employees about potential union activity.

Two Apple retail stores have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to hold union elections. The company hired anti-union lawyers, and at least one worker has told the verge that the company held a captive audience meeting to spread anti-union talking points.

Vice’s report says it may not be possible for store employees to work together as a team if a union represents them. It gives managers an example to cite as a time when Apple listened to retail employees’ feedback and made changes based on it.

There are also points that warn about’rigid union contract that must be followed at all times’. It makes it difficult for employees to seize unusual opportunities, or receive merit-based benefits.

Managers at some Apple stores have been passing the message on during weekly meetings. Vice says managers have passed the company’s message on in weekly meetings.

Amazon reportedly held captive audience meetings in the lead-up to its own union elections. Ceo called unions’slower and more bureaucratic’ compared to employees having a direct connection with their managers.

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