If you’re looking for a portable PC to play your favourite games on, then you’ve come to the right place

The portable gaming PC lets you get the most from its AMD rdna 2 graphics and 40 watt-hour battery. As of the last update, you could lower the screen’s refresh rate to increase your effective framerate and lower latency.

You’d have to forget them, and flick the toggles appropriately, every time you switched to a different game. The toggles are so popular that you’d need to remember them.

Wednesday’s update now comes with per-game performance settings. Let you flick a single switch in the quick access menu to set a custom performance profile for each of your games.

‘vampire survivors should run at 10fps and 5 watts because I want to play it for the entirety of this car ride’.

This has been one of the most-requested steam deck features since the beginning. It does n’t let you set multiple profiles, or save and share profiles with the larger community so that we power users can get their games running better.

Many ancient games were immediately available on the steam deck. Users were encouraged to upload versions for the controller back in the day.

Update after update shows valve is listening closely to power user feedback. The steam deck still might not be ready for everyone who might pick up a Nintendo switch.

I’m embedding a copy below for your viewing pleasure. The previous update’s adjustable refresh rate and fan curve let you get more out of the steam deck.

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