It’s been a long time coming

Amd won the gaming laptop for the first time ever. It’s building a new CPU aimed at the’pinnacle of gaming performance’.

The new CPU line is codenamed’dragon range’. They’ll live exclusively at 55W TDP and up – enough power to’largely exist in the space where gaming laptops are plugged in the majority of the time’.

Both are part of the same AMD ryzen 7000 series, based on the same Zen 4 architecture. Zen 4 will begin its life as the desktop exclusive’Raphael’ later this year.

Amd says that Dragon range will take up the’HS’ moniker for CPUs – the same as the ryzen 9 4900hs that impressed us at 35W in that 2020 Asus zephyrus. They’re estimated to be’significantly more power efficient than other laptops in that competing timeframe’.

Graphics chips, not CPUs, are generally where most of the gaming oomph comes from these days. The kind of gamer who buys an’extreme gaming laptop’ might care about even a slight advantage in FPS.

Hallock says the new chips are an opportunity the company thought it could pursue alongside thin-and-light gaming.’the performance per watt story you’ve been hearing from us will continue into the future as well,’ he says.

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