If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a 3D-printed head-mounted display (HMD), you’ve come to the right place

The smartknob view is a proof-of-concept project by engineer Scott bezek. It’s easy to imagine a future where it’s available as a kit, or where somebody turns it into an actual product.

It can act as a turnable on-off switch, snap back to the center after you turn and release it, and even simulate ratcheted steps.

I thought it’d be a great way to dial in how much food my cat feeder dispenses. A verge staffer immediately suggested it’d been great for controlling shower temperature. Another said they’d use it as a fancy scroll wheel or volume control.

Bezek’s GitHub page includes the code for his smartknob. The device can be built for’less than $ 200 in parts’.

We’ll have to put our dreams of knob-controlled home automation on hold for now.’it seems like the recommended motors are unfortunately no longer available for purchase,’ says bezek.

I still want to build one and use it as the ultimate fidget toy toy. I’ll be able to tackle the advanced soldering techniques needed to make the smart knob.

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