A new version of one of the world’s most popular password management apps has been released

1Password released an early access version of 1Password 8 for iOS on Wednesday. The new version of the app, which 1Password says will eventually make its way to all its supported platforms, has been available in early access mode for Mac since August.

Almost every icon has been changed to be a little more fun and colorful, and the interface feels more modern now. The redesign was immediately obvious when I opened the beta version of the app.

1Password 7 opened to a favorites screen with a few recently used passwords. Other than marking or unmarking logins as favorites, there was n’t much you could do to customize the screen.

1Password 8 has a home screen that lets you access your vaults, categories, and lists of recently created or modified passwords. You can also change it to fit how you organize and access your passwords.

The old version of the iOS app would let you know if one of your passwords had been compromised. There was n’t a single screen that let you manage your overall security score.

The company announced that its Mac app’s user interface would be powered by electron instead of swiftui or appkit. Some users worried that the change would make the password manager more resource-intensive to run, or that it would feel less like a real Mac app.

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