One of the most popular apps on the App Store has announced that it’s shutting down

Deliveries is a package tracking app that’s listed as an app store editor’s choice and that some people here at the verge rely on. Developer Mike piontek said that’without their help it’s not possible for the app to continue working the way you expect’.

The app currently does n’t display an estimated delivery date, current location, or any other information if you put in a FedEx tracking number. Instead, it prompts you to open FedEx’s tracking page for the package in your web browser.

A delivery feature that lets you paste in an Amazon order link to track your package is also no longer working. Macrumors also reports that a deliveries feature that let you paste a link in an order link is also not working.

Fedex’s developer website does n’t seem to mention any massive changes to its API. Anyone issuing or creating custom notifications for ground economy labels should instead send people to its website.

Fedex is working on the ability to track packages from other carriers to its own app, which would make it a competitor to apps like deliveries.

Junecloud does say you’ll still be able to add FedEx packages to deliveries, but you’ll only see tracking information if you go to an online view. According to its services page, this type of change has happened before with other carriers, like royal mail and Australia post.

Junecloud’s post predicts that other carriers will start shutting off access to their APIs. The company says that over time, more services in deliveries will no longer show tracking information directly in the app.

Developers may be able to deal with the changes, says Ivan Pavlov, the developer of package tracking app parcel. The post raises the question of whether the change is coming for every delivery app.

Fedex continues to be supported in parcel.’there is always a chance that something might change or break in the future’.

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