It’s one of the world’s most famous industrial designers, and now it’s also one of the world’s biggest tech companies

The zone is a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones with air purification technology built in. It’s both the strangest and most ambitious product that the company has ever made.

Today’s announcement is just an initial announcement of the zone headphones ahead of a fall release date. Dyson is n’t announcing specific details like price or specifications at this time.

The goal of the zone is to make living in urban spaces more comfortable. The goal is to mitigate both air and noise pollution.

Air purification half of the zone does n’t reinvent the wheel for Dyson. It miniaturizes existing air filtration technology into a unique form factor.

The visor does n’t make contact with your face like a mask would. Instead, it sits in front of your face, creating a gap.

The zone’s filtration system also offers multiple settings for different levels of exertion. There’s even an automated setting that uses accelerometers to adjust the airflow.

Dyson says the zone can filter out up to 99 percent of particles. The filters are n’t reusable and will need to be replaced after about a year.

Dyson says its goal with the zone was to create’faithful’ replicas of a musician’s original tracks. Noise cancellation is provided through a mix of passive cancellation from the overall design and active noise cancellation through a series of microphones.

Isolation mode has ANC when the face visor is raised. Lowering the visor automatically shifts into conversation mode. Charge is done over USB-C, and the headphones connect to a Dyson link app.

It was hard to tell how much cleaner the zone was being pumped in front of my face. But the company claims it does n’t do what it claims.

Anc’s audio quality for music was good without dramatic bass. A quiet hotel room was n’t the best test scenario.

Dyson has done an admirable job of cramming all this technology into a pair of headphones. But they’re still relatively bigger and bulkier than Sony wh-1000xm4 headphones.

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