The US has added a Russian cybersecurity company to its list of entities that pose an “unacceptable risk” to US national security

The US Federal Communications Commission has added Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky lab to its list of entities that pose an’unacceptable risk to us national security’. This is the first time a Russian company has been added to the list, which is otherwise made up of Chinese companies, like Huawei and ZTE.

The FCC also added China Telecom and China Mobile International USA to its list on Friday. In addition to Kaspersky, Kaspersky also added to the list.

Fcc chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said China Mobile and China Telecom’appeared to meet the threshold necessary to add these entities to our list’.’their addition, as well as Kaspersky Labs, will help secure our networks from threats posed by Chinese and Russian state backed entities seeking to engage in espionage and otherwise harm America’s interests’.

Kaspersky responded to the FCC’s decision in a press release on its site. Kaspersky said the agency’remains ready to cooperate with us government agencies to address the agency’s and any other regulatory agency’s concerns’.

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