The Chinese version of messaging app WeChat has been shut down by parent company Tencent

Roblox shut down the Chinese version of its iOS and Android app, also known as luobulesi. The app was rolled out as a test in partnership with Chinese game company Tencent. It will be rebuilt and potentially re-released in the country at a later date.

Roblox was officially taken off app stores on December 8th of last year. A translated version of Roblox China’s website says developers will’continue to optimize the product’.

Roblox has launched an immersive virtual universe of 3D experiences in China. Roblox spokesperson James Kay said it is critical that we now make the necessary investments in order to achieve our long-term vision for luobulesi.

Kay did n’t share any additional details about when the new version will be released. The company will make the information public when the time comes.

Roblox’s brief debut in China has n’t been free of challenges. Roblox was subject to China’s regulatory standards, despite marketing itself as an educational game.

Roblox China shutdown marks the sudden cessation of another popular game in the country. The global version of steam appears to be banned in China as of late December.

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