It’s a new year, and that means today LG is announcing its latest series of OLED TVs

Lg is adding new screen sizes, ratcheting up the brightness on the G series. For 2022, the company is adding additional features – like multiuser profiles – to the webOS software that runs on its TVs.

The fifth generation of its A9 processor, LG says 2022 TVs will include better 4K upscaling, improved tone mapping, and a greater sense of depth through foreground object enhancement.

This year EVO will be featured in both the G2 and more mainstream C2. Lg says the G2 will deliver higher peak brightness numbers than the C2.

For both the G2 and C2, LG says it’s using a new composite fiber material that makes these TVs significantly lighter. For example, the 65-inch C2 is nearly half the weight of the C1.

The new G2 definitely looked better than the C1, but this was a staged demo – so take the stark difference you see with a grain of salt.

Lg is getting a new 42-inch OLED that will be a perfect fit for small bedrooms, offices, or gamers in tight spaces. Previously, the smallest LG OLED was 48 inches.

The G and C series will offer full HDMI 2.1 capabilities. For 2022 LG is using the whole 48gbps pipeline.

The game dashboard will put more information at the top layer. There’s also a new fifth preset for sports games and a dark room gaming mode in picture settings.

The lower-tier a series will remain part of LG’s OLED family in 2022. It’s primarily intended for movie and TV watching since it lacks HDMI 2.1 and gaming-centric features.

Lg G2 OLED is available in 97-, 83-year-old.. 77-, 65-year-old, and 55-inch sizes. 77-Year-Old LG G2 was the most expensive OLED in the U.S..

Lg4 OLED is available in 83-, 77-, 65-, 55, 48-, and 42-inch sizes. lg4 is available on the market in 83s, 77-year-old, 65-year-old, 65-year-olds-year-old, and 43-inch sizes.

Lg joined the mini led bandwagon in 2021, and it’s rolling out another wave of its terribly named’qned’ TVs. It’s not perfect black and infinite contrast like an OLED, but you ca n’t get much closer. Mini led TVs can crank higher than OLED when it comes to overall brightness.

The entry-level qned80 model will have traditional, less precise local dimming. Not all of the TVs that carry it in 2022 will include mini led.

The latest version will be’webOS 22′ to match the year of its release. The company is also adding support for multiple user profiles.

‘room to room share’ mode will be able to send the feed from one TV to another in a different room. The feature will be available in a new-for-2022 mode that, when the TV is off,’transforms the screen into a digital canvas for showcasing artwork, keeping track of time, or playing music’.

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