I’ve been to the IFA tech show in Berlin and I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen anything quite like it

Samsung has defined the category of’lifestyle TVs’. High-Design TV sets blend into the home more seamlessly than traditional TVs. The device’s stylish look, customizable bezels, and ability to showcase artwork or personal photos when the TV is’off’.

Samsung says the latest models will have a matte, anti-reflective display with a’lifelike’ texture that feels like canvas or paper to the touch.

Anti-Reflective display is able to match the white balance and brightness of artwork based on ambient lighting in a room. The anti-reflective display could be a huge draw for consumers.

Samsung has introduced a new anti-reflective film and other anti-glare measures. The new film will pop off the screen to a more impressive extent than before.

The company’s art store offers over 1,600 pieces. Frame owners can expect a new, more refined user experience in 2022.

For 2022, the frame will be offered in a total of seven different sizes. Starting at 32 inches at the small end and topping out with an 85-inch model. Samsung continues to ignore Dolby vision completely.

Samsung’s top-tier Neo qled sets are still the way to go. But that’s not what the frame is for people who want a perfectly acceptable picture in a package that complements their home decor.

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