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A report by German technology site WinFuture shows the apparent images of Garmin Fenix 7 series, Venu 2 plus, EPIX gen2, and instinct 2 series smartwatches.

The Fenix 7, 7s, and 7x are all rumored to be made of both reinforced plastic and stainless steel. It may also have a built-in solar panel that charges the device while you’re wearing it.

The EPIX gen2 may also have a built-in GPS, along with features new to the Epix line of watches, including a blood oxygen sensor, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracking capabilities.

The base instinct 2 and 2s were released in 2018. Images show that the watches may have retained the same rugged look that the original instinct had when it was first released in spines.

The Venu 2 plus is rumored to have both black and white versions. It also seems to have an additional third button that the standard Venu 2 does n’t have, but it’s unclear what it may be for.

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