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The Nvidia RTX 3070 is the 17th-most popular graphics accelerator on Steam

The 3070 appears to have become steam’s fastest growing GPU. It’s the 17th-most popular graphics accelerator on steam with a 1.29 percent share overall.

The rtx 3080 also commands 0.87 percent, the rtx 3060 TI has 0.39 percent. The pricey rtx 3090 claims 0.34 percent of the market.

Amd’s rival Rx 6000 series does n’t have a single spot on the entire 95-gpu leaderboard leaderboard. More gamers are using the 2011 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 TI (0.16 percent) than any of AMD’s latest cards.

More than a quarter of steam PC gamers are now using AMD CPUs instead of Intel. Over a quarter are using AMD computing instead of Apple.

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