Gocycle’s fourth-generation e-bike has a new motor, better tires, and lighter carbon-fiber components

gocycle, the maker of some of the most eye-catching and adaptable electric bikes on the planet, is back with its fourth-generation e-bike. The G4 series brings a new motor, better tires, lighter carbon-fiber components, and more to improve on what’s already one of our favorite e-bikes.

Gocycle makes a premium e-bike that we’ve found to be equally suited to long commutes and multimodal travel due to its compact quick-fold design with wide high-volume tires. That tradition continues with the G4 models.

The custom-built g4drive is now billed as’quiet,’ bringing it in line with most modern e-bike Motors above, say, $ 1,300. It’s also tuned to power starts from a standstill.

The e-bikes also improve connectivity with an integrated 1 amp USB charging port on the handlebar and Bluetooth LE. Three and a half-hour fast charging is now standard across the entire range.

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