YouTube removed an extremely racist video from conservative commentator Steven Crowder

Youtube removed an extremely racist video from conservative commentator Steven Crowder. Crowder and his co-hosts made numerous racist comments about black farmers.

‘while offensive, this video from the Steven Crowder channel does not violate this policy,’ YouTube spokesperson tells onezero.

There is YouTube’s full hate speech policy. If you want to hear the offensive comments from Crowder’s show, media matters clipped them in this Tweet.

Steven Crowder and his co-hosts go on a wildly racist tirade against black farmers. On YouTube, the pair go on the wildly racist rant.

Onezero’s will Oremus pointed out that YouTube has a ridiculously high bar for hate speech. onezero’s former will Oremus said that onezero’s comments were’ridiculously high’.

You’re free to mock, caricature, and belittle people based on their race. Just as long as you do n’t come right out and say you literally hate them.

Youtube has the ability to change its hate speech policies whenever it likes. It did nearly two years ago to updating its hate- speech policy.

Hate speech does n’t have to rise to the level of’promoting hatred’ or to stop promoting Crowder as a YouTube partner.

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