Grimes is the latest artist to get in on the NFT gold rush, selling around $6 million worth of digital artworks

Grimes is the latest artist to get in on the NFT gold rush. Selling around $ 6 million worth of digital artworks after putting them up for auction yesterday.

The highest-selling piece was a one-of-a-kind video called’death of the old’. The winning bidder took it for nearly $ 389,000.

Nearly 700 copies were sold for a total of $ 5.18 million. The bulk of the sales came from two pieces with thousands of copies available that sold for $ 7,500 each.

The tech – which stands for’non-fungible token’ — allows buyers to purchase ownership of a digital good in the form of a unique digital token living on a blockchain.

Nfts allow buyers to support artists, but it also gives buyers a couple things in return. Many marketplaces have popped up that offer the ability to resell them.

Beeple sold $ 3.5 million worth of art through nifty gateway last year. The digital artist behind Nyan cat made around $ 600,000.

Nifty gateway said that an undisclosed percentage of GRIMES’ sales would go to a nonprofit focused on removing carbon from the atmosphere. The donation may be meant to address one of the major problems that nfts share with other blockchain technologies.

Grimes debuted war nymph in 2019. She originally used the’digital persona’ to promote her album. War nymph’s appearance has changed over time.

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