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Gmail is the second major Google app to get the labels

Google has finally added Apple privacy labels to its Gmail app. The app is the second major Google app to get the labels.

The app apparently shares your location and user ID with advertisers. It does n’t collect your name, physical address, or phone number. Location data is also used for analytics.

What does the app privacy label for Gmail look like?. What will the app label for the privacy label be looked like?.

For contrast, here’s the app privacy information for another email app. Here’s also the privacy info for an email app.

Apple’s privacy labels are meant to show all the things that the app might access, not what information that app will access. The information in the labels is submitted by the company itself, and Apple does n’t make promises about its accuracy.

Google added the labels without updating the Gmail app. The last time Google updated the iOS app was two months ago. Google was literally crying out for an update because of a fun bug.

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