The Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 has just leaked in a Best Buy Canada listing

Amazon’s ring has so many different video doorbells in the market. The Wi-Fi video doorbell Pro 2 has just leaked in a listing at Best Buy Canada.

It is the first ring to stream video resolution at higher than 1080p. Amazon’s catch up to the field-of-view and resolution that Arlo’s video doorbell introduced in late 2019.

‘3D motion detection’ sounds like something a touchless doorbell could use to tell when someone’s standing right in front of it.

Best Buy’s product description includes the rest of its product description. The best buy product includes a selection of products including Best Buy.

The original video doorbell Pro models typically do n’t have swappable batteries as an option. In January, ring also added a $ 60 wired model, its least expensive yet.

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