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Gmail, Google Maps and Google Photos were showing warnings that they were out of date

Google has n’t updated many of its iOS apps in weeks, perhaps to avoid potential criticism from Apple’s new mandatory app store privacy labels.

We’ve identified a bug and an update has been rolled out to resolve this issue,’ Google said in a statement. But we are n’t seeing the notices now, and Google says they were there because of a bug.

The version you’re using does n’t include the latest security features to keep you protected. Only continue if you understand the risks.

After you tapped the continue button, you could use the app as normal – they would still work. Without additional context, users could have worried that they did n’t have the latest and most secure version of an app.

Google had promised its apps would start including the new privacy labels in a blog post on January 12th. But the company has technically kept its word we did n’t see the’this app is out of date’.

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