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Newly-vaccinated people should not post a photo of their vaccination record card on social media

The pandemic has been a long, depressing slog, and we’re all good and frazzled at this point. Now that we have plenty of vaccines available, everyone’s impatient to get one.

You do n’t want to be the newly-vaccinated person whose selfie provides a template to make fake vaccination records cards. If you think is n’t already happening, you would be mistaken.

‘you could be inviting identity theft,’ the Federal Trade Commission wrote in a blog post on Friday.’you’re posting a photo of your vaccination card on social media. Please – do n’t do that!’.

The card has the vaccinated person’s name and birth date on it. It also includes when and where you got the shot.

Privacy experts say a savvy scam artist could pretend to be a healthcare official to trick people into thinking they need to pay for the second dose. Someone could use the photo of your vaccination card to recreate the cards and possibly sell counterfeit versions.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention has a plan for states to hand out stickers to the newly-vaccinated, an excellent visual to share on social media instead of your vaccination card.

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