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N Nvidia and AMD announce new graphics cards that are hard to find

Nvidia’s new rtx 3080, 3070, 3060 TI and 3090 are all hard to find. The AMD Rx 6800 and 6800 XT sells out instantly whenever they appear. A Trump tax and surging cryptocurrency prices may be about to make them even more expensive.

This week, NVIDIA and AMD finally have some updates – and it’s bittersweet news news. Nvidia, AMD and NVIDIA finally have updates this week.

Amd expects to sell more of its own reference design design Rx 6800, 6800 XT and Rx 6900 XT cards on its own website in the first quarter of 2021.

Nvidia’s fiscal Q1 does n’t end until late April. That’s an awfully long wait.

Nvidia’s $ 499-and-up rtx 30-series GPUs have sold almost twice as much as the rtx 20-series did after the same amount of time. The rtx 30-series is a much bigger upgrade than the previous gen was.

Nvidia does seem to think crypto miners are n’t taking up all the cards yet. Despite the sky-high prices we’ve recently seen for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cmp refers to NVIDIA’s dedicated crypto mining GPUs, which strip away the video ports miners do n’t need because they are n’t driving graphics to a monitor.

Amd CEO Lisa su says the company is trying its best to keep prices down. Su says Trump’s taxes might impact the price of graphics cards.

We are committed to keeping GPU pricing as close to our suggested retail pricing as much as possible, because it’s the only way to be fair to the users. This time around we’re not phasing out our Rx 6000 series, enabling us to sell direct to customers as low as possible. Not only tariffs, but the covid environment has increased shipping and freight costs, which are hard to avoid.

The Rx 6800 XT will be sold at its original $ 649 MSRP within eight weeks. It’s still noncommittal – and feels like a step back from what AMD told hardware unboxed in November.

Amd praised how its new graphics cards gave the company’leadership at the high end’. Nvidia acknowledged that’these products have been hard to find’.

Nvidia’s just-announced $ 329 GeForce rtx 3060 is hell to buy, just like its predecessors.

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