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A manatee with his name scraped into its back was found in Florida

A manatee with his name scratched into its back was found in the precursor of Florida’s homosassa river. At the moment it’s unclear whether the animal was actually injured, or if the name was just scraping into the algae on its back.

The center for biological diversity is also offering a $ 5,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. The center is also asking anyone who may have information about who did this to reach out to the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission.

The manatee was found near a local swimming spot called Blue hole. It was found in blue hole near a swimming spot, blue hole it’ll be hard to figure out where the manatees were.

Manatees are classified as threatened, and are therefore fall under the federal Endangered species protection act. Even just chasing a manatee while it’s swimming is considered harassment, so imagine scraping something into one’s back.

John Sutter lived in Florida for 15 years, and was on the water a lot. He recalls camping trips where rangers told us that we had to stop swimming in manatee Springs because, surprise, there were manatees there.

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