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V-Moda has announced a new version of its M-200 headphones at CES 2021

V-Moda has announced a new version of its m-200 headphones at CES 2021. The m-200 ANC starts at $ 499.99, a jump of $ 150 over the wired, non-noise cancelling version.

The m-200 ANC are also a touch heavier at 320g, compared to 290g on the wired model. The drivers have been swapped out to 40mm (from 50mm ones).

V-Moda is offering what it calls’hybrid active noise cancellation,’ with the option to adjust the level of noise cancellation in a companion app. As for battery life, users should get up to 20 hours off a charge.

V-Moda allows customers to order their own custom aluminum shields in a variety of colors with their own logo or artwork on it for a personal touch.

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