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This week has felt like a bizarre time warp, starting with a Slack outage

Our perception of time has already been skewed by the pandemic. The last few days have felt like a bizarre time warp. Social media and other social media platforms decided that by inciting the rioters, the president had finally crossed a line.

A review of the first week of 2021 will be shown at the beginning of the month of 2021. Here’s a view of the tumultuous first week.

Five people were killed, and scores have been arrested with more to come. Youtube scrambled to moderate livestreams and surface authoritative sources. President Trump posted a video repeating that the election had been stolen.

Facebook banned the president’indefinitely’ from posting there for the remainder of his term. Shopify removed a video of Trump inciting supporters to storm the Capitol.

Trump tried to Tweet from the @ POTUS account, but those tweets were removed almost immediately. Twitter permanently suspended his realdonald Trump account, after he resumed tweeting and said he would not be attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Sen. RICHARD Warner called on telco and social platforms to preserve content about the attack that could be digital evidence. Warner wrote,’the United States Capitol is now a crime scene’.

Apple announced late Saturday that it would ban parler from its app store. The app has not upheld its commitment to moderate and remove harmful or dangerous content.

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