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Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere is considering a run for office

Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere is considering a run for political office. He left his post as CEO and member of T-Mobile’s board after successfully negotiating the merger between the company and Sprint.

Legere’s time as T-Mobile’s CEO turned the company into the’Un-carrier’. A plan that came with an end to contracts, revamped mobile plans, and freebies and perks for customers.

For the first time in my life, I’m considering the possibility of running for office. I’m not sure I’m capable, but I ca n’t stand by simply watching this craziness craziness.

Legere was brash and unafraid to roast the competition. His attitude and leather jackets lean more un-presidential than anything else. But tone matters less than not attempting to dissolve democracy.

Popular proposals like Medicare-for-all fit well within the logic of Legere’s Un-carrier programs. A large part of Un-carrier’s offering was zero-rating data from certain music and video streaming services so it would n’t count against T-Mobile customers’ bills.

Legere was publicly in support of net neutrality while he was CEO but pushed programs that flouted it. Those zero-rating schemes, like binge on and T-Mobile’s other perks, actively favored the services that struck a deal with the company.

Legere is the unofficial mascot of T-Mobile, but there’s a precedent. He’s been a mascot of the tech industry, including former HP CEO Meg Whitman.

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