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The Apple Watch can act as a camera remote for your phone

The Apple Watch can act as a camera remote for your phone. Twitter user @ petersciretta has pointed out that you can also use it as a vlogging aid.

On your watch, go to the camera remote app. This will open the camera app on your iPhone. You can switch it to video mode, set it up, and record.

This is the best self-recording hack ever and even works with @ filmicpro. The best self-recorded hack ever was posted on Instagram.

I’ve shot videos on my phone before, and it was often an exercise in frustration trying to get the framing right. I could’ve saved myself the hassle if I had remembered that my watch could do this, though I guess I would’ve gotten fewer steps in.

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The Apple Watch trick will also work with the popular video camera app filmic Pro. Wear OS devices can also act as a camera viewfinder when connected to pixel phones.

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