The Nintendo Switch has a robust and varied line-up of games

There’s a good chance you picked up a switch to play one of Nintendo’s tentpole franchises. There are a lot of different kinds of experiences available on the tablet. That includes big social titles, classic games, and inventive indie releases.

If you’re new to the switch ecosystem, here are 10 great games to get you started. Here are ten great games for you to get your started.

We’ve rounded up our favorite and most-used games, apps, and entertainment. We’ve also listed our favorite streaming shows on Disney plus, Hulu, ESPN plus, and Netflix.

The addition of online play, more robust customization tools, and the fact that virtually everyone in the world was stuck at home this year, turned it into an important cultural touchstone. It’s still going strong, with (free!) Seasonal updates that add more depth and texture to its pleasant world.

Clubhouse games is a collection of more than 50 physical games. Each game has a pleasant tactile feel, despite being a digital recreation. It’s the perfect thing to pick up and play in between other, more complex experiences.

You take the role of a barista at a late-night cafe in an alternate version of Seattle. All of the creatures bring their own personal problems with them when they enter the shop.

Supergiant games has released a steady stream of hits since its debut with bastion. All of the studio’s work features incredible 2D visuals, deep and engaging worlds. In your efforts to escape the underworld you’ll die a lot, but each failure is a chance to explore new techniques.

Breath of the wild lets you move and learn at your own pace. It could be both thrilling and quiet, overwhelming and subtle. Now you can dig further into the story with the Hyrule warriors: age of calamity.

Silly-yet-touching crime drama plays out like a visual novel. But it’s also a puzzle game where you complete Sudoku-like challenges in order to find clues and solve crimes.

Sword and shield go an extra step by also being great console experiences thanks to the switch’s hybrid nature. The base game that launched last year remains one of the best roleplaying games available on the switch.

The game is structured like a fantasy roleplaying game. In order to attack, you’ll need to do yoga poses, squats, and a whole lot of planks. Nintendo has also released an update that turns ring fit into a rhythm game complete with classic Super Mario tunes.

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