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This year has been the worst, but it’s also shown us how we humans can be a lot better when we actually try

This year has been the worst, but it’s also shown us how we humans can be a lot better when we actually try. It’s more stress, more risk calculations, more staying away from people you’d normally draw close to.

This year, researchers have developed extremely promising vaccine candidates. They got it to the finish line in record time. This year they took an impossible task.

I’m thankful for the volunteers who were willing to participate in clinical trials. They put their bodies on the line to help those researchers figure out if the vaccines worked.

A newsletter detailing the covid-19 research, developments, and stories that matter matter matter. A newsletter highlighting the covid-19 studies and developments that matter.

Gadflies have demanded transparency throughout the pandemic. They have demanded that companies give us more than just the research highlights.

Healthcare workers in the US are doing their best to tread water, even though they know a wave of illness and death is headed their way.

The public health researchers have tried everything they could to get us important messages and shore up supply lines. The virus is outpacing a nation that’s outpacing the nation.

Mongolia, Senegal, Vermont, Cherokee nation and Australia are among the countries that have helped beat back the virus. The scientists have provided an example on how to put the researchers’ words into action.

Thank you to people who have kept wearing a mask, even when it’s annoying and they’d rather not. Also, to the people who are keeping their distance from others, as painful as it may be be.

So do the people who are unemployed or incarcerated or homeless during this devastating pandemic. So do those who are working to keep their neighbors fed, and housed, and healthy, often for paltry wages.

We will be back on December 5. We’ll be taking a break next weekend, but we’ll return to December 5.

This article breaks down the current state of mask knowledge. A widely-ridiculed study out of Denmark was widely-ridiculed.

Virus surges complicate the distribution of scarce covid-19 treatments. But they are also in very short supply. Knowing out how to get the treatment to people who need it in time is a gargantuan task.

Moderna says its covid-19 vaccine is 94.5 percent effective in its clinical trials. It also announced that its vaccine candidate could be stored in a refrigerator for up to 30 days, making it easier to distribute than anticipated.

On Friday, Pfizer and biontech became the first to file for an emergency use authorization from the FDA. The FDA will meet on December 10 to consider their application.

2 companies say their vaccines are 95 % effective. What does that mean?. Cnn asked if you want to know more about the math behind the headlines.

Pfizer and Moderna are making vaccines that require two shots. Pfizer’s first covid-19 vaccines require two strokes.

First home covid-19 test was approved this week by the FDA. It will only be available in limited quantities in some states this year.

I get the same comments all the time over Facebook or email. I want disease transmission to go down. I want fewer people to die.’.

County health director Eli saslow told to Eli saslow, the Washington Post. Amber Elliott, county health chief, was a county health official.

More than 57,726,802 people worldwide have tested positive. May your road to recovery be smooth, may your way to recovery.

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